Are you thinking of traveling from Athens to Skiathos via the northern port of Volos? As always verify all information provided as there may be changes.

This bus station is available in Athens to take you to Volos.
Liosion Bus Station
In Athens this station serves buses to the following towns: Lamia, Agios Konstantinos, Kammena Vourla, Karpenisi, Delphi, Levadia, Arachova, etc), towns of Northern Greece (e.g. Volos, Katerini, etc) and the island of Evia.

Athens – Liosion Station
Booking office tel.: 210-832-9585 & 210-831-7186 (210 is the area code for Athens)
Bus Station – Liosion KTEL
Address: 260, Liosion Street Kato Patisia

Go to terminal B by city bus 024 from Syntagma Square or from Panepistimiou St.
Bus runs every 20 minutes between 05:00 and midnight.

Buses to Volos from Liosion Bus Station, takes about 5 hours with a snack and rest stop. The bus to Agios Konstantinos from Athens leave almost every hour and the trip takes about 2 hours with a snack and rest stop. Agios Konstantinos is another port before Volos that has boats going to Skiathos. Source:

Ferry, Catamaran, Car Ferry, Flying Cat Schedules:

Are you getting ready for the summer? Please check with the Mayor at Skiathos or at local tourist offices for further travel restrictions and news due to the Corona Virus.

The following information may be helpful to you as I have found it helpful for myself when traveling to Skiathos. However, this information was obtained before the Corona Virus restrictions. Please check with these offices for up-to-date travel information.

Depending on your travel arrangements, it may be easier to fly to Skiathos. This way, for example, if you are in the city of Athens there is a bus that takes you directly to the Athens airport. This bus is available at Syntagma Square in Athens where you can buy bus tickets to the airport. Also, the metro has a line to and from Athens to the airport.

Did you know the busiest tourist season for the islands is August. Many of the Greeks take their summer vacation during this time. So not only do you have tourists from all over the world traveling but you also have the locals especially from the mainland going to the islands. Many return to their main home on the islands since they may be working on the mainland during the rest of the year. This is important to keep in mind when you are ready to book your ticket for the islands. The ships do get crowded during this time. I would suggest getting to the ship early so you may get a seat in case you did not get a reserved seat number.

If you are in Athens in August you will notice it is quieter since some shops have closed for vacation. The shop owners will simply post “Gone on Vacation.”

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