Favorite Cafe or Tavern

Do you have a favorite cafe or Tavern on Skiathos? Where would you go? It’s time to explore on the waterfront or on one of the side streets.

Visit my You Tube page to see Taverna Mouria’s video.


Mouria Taverna has an authentic dining room with alot of charm and artistic artifacts on walls. There are lots tables in the patio. I like to sit in the indoor dining room with the old fireplace since it reminds me of the old days. The food is delicious and English is spoken. This Taverna is located near Papadiamanti Str. Say “hello” from Toula. Алло (Russian) こんにちは (Japanese) Kalimera or Yea sas (Greek)

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Cafe or Tavern

    1. Vasilis -Alekos Korallis

      Not to be missed while on Skiathos Island is a visit to the PINK KIOSK along the new harbor front right next to the mini-park which is in front of the main bus terminal. This little Pink Kiosk has these wonderful and delicious Greek honey balls smothered with honey and cinammon called LOUKOUMADES in Greek. A must for while on your visit to Skiathos. The kiosk is run by Maria and George and and these “loukoumades” is what most Greeks enjoyed 50 years ago before cakes and pies and ice cream was introducced to the Greek public. So, if you’re into authentic, old-fashioned Greek sweets do yourself a favor and buy some LOUKOUMADES. ……Vasilis, a Skiathos local and frequent visitor to the PINK KIOSK BY THE SEA.

    2. Rita

      I especially like in your book “Walks of Skiathos Island” the following: “Special Advice to Walk Enthusiasts” this walk would be great for hikers as well. Vasilis discusses rabbits and a description of the snakes including the harmless snakes. Tips are given to the serious hikers.

    3. Rita

      Vasilis you are right Maria has the best Loukoumades. I am impressed with her Pink Kiosk which stands out along the harbor. Alot of artistic efforts were made in her Kiosk so you do not miss it. Congratulations Maria.

      Έχετε δίκιο η Μαρία έχει τις καλύτερες Λουκουμάδες. Είμαι εντυπωσιασμένος με ροζ περίπτερο της, η οποία ξεχωρίζει κατά μήκος του λιμανιού. Πολλοί από καλλιτεχνικές προσπάθειες έγιναν στο περίπτερο της, ώστε να μην το χάσετε. Συγχαρητήρια Μαρία. (greek translation)

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