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Cemetery of Skiathos.

December 8, 2015

Newport-Skiathos Skype Event 2015 can be watched on You Tube.

Newport-Skiathos Skype Event 2015
Twin Islands, History of Newport & Skiathos Skype connection, successful event between the
2 cities in raising funds in support of the Navy Museum in Skiathos, Greece.
The Union Naval Pensioners – Maritime. The goal is a Navy Museum in Skiathos, Greece. Video regarding museum called “Navy Museum Acquires the Skiathos”
Go to Facebook: Association Skiathiton Volos. Presented by George Papadimitriou. This yearly event is organized by Cultural Association Skiathos & Newport-Skiathos Club of Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

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George Sanidas announced giving the rights of his book “All is not lost” for the establishment of the Maritime Museum. The total amount of the sale of the book will be donated to the Maritime Museum. Interested parties may contact him: Tel: +30 6945107626

August 2, 2014, Saturday
Time: 21:00
Location: Bourtzi Theatre
Antonis Mitzelos and the Band

July 25, 2014, evening Check schedules as this is usually a yearly event honoring the saint.
Location: Ag. Paraskevis
Transportation: Local Bus Stop, Ag. Paraskevis
Skiathos Mayor invites you to this festival with a live orchestra. I have gone to this event and have enjoyed it tremendously.

Videos are also available to watch on the WebTv.Skiathos web site.

March 22, 2014 – Skype Conference Call
The Cultural Association Skiathos – The Union Naval Pensioners –
Newport-Skiathos Club of Newport, Rhode Island
had an event called ‘Newport Skiathos – A journey, a Heritage….’
Skype call connection on 3/22/14 took place between the two towns. Forty photographs in the exhibition will be available for sale, with proceeds going to the Foundation of the Navy Museum Skiathos launched by the Union Naval Pensioners Skiathos. This is a great endeavor for the joint efforts.

Cultural Association Skiathos:
For information contact email:

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  1. Toula Tsafos Post author

    Go to the links I have provided above to see the excellent video on “You Tube” of the Skiathos-Newport Skype connection presented on 3/25/15. We are very grateful for the efforts of the people who created this video.

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