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Walks of Skiathos Island

      by Author, Vasilis Alekos Korallis (c) 2007

      Paperback Book - $14.00 - 62 pages with black & white photos with a color insert of photos (soft cover).
      eBook - $5.99 - Hiker Enthusiasts with color photos describing beaches, countryside, art, shopping, nature (forest), monasteries and 18 Walks. Get ready for your summer walks & hikes with this handy guide or sit back and read.  Included are photos of original paintings by local Skiathitian artists. For further information click on Skiathos Walks and eBook below.
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This sculptured piece was created on the Island of Naxos, Greece.  The clay used comes from the ground in the mountains of Naxos where emery is mined.
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"Walks of Skiathos Island" eBook
"Walks of Skiathos Island" Photos
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Photo by Vasilis Korallis
Photo by Vasilis Korallis

Book & eBook now available for Hikers.

"Walks of Skiathos Island" - Book


- Updated 11/1/14
     The Union Naval Pensioners - Maritime.  The goal is a     Navy Museum in Skiathos, Greece.  Video regarding museum called "Navy Museum Acquires The Skiathos"  Go to Facebook: Association Skiathiton Volos.  Presented by George Papadimitriou.  Yiannis Parisis mentioned plans are to have the museum located at the Bourtzi on Skiathos.
     Acknowledgement was made to Skiathos' Sister City Newport, Rhode Island and the people of Skiathos for their contributions.  The museum will be open with no ticket required.  Date to be announced.
     George Sanidas, author of book "All is not lost" for 20 Euros.  Proceeds from the book will be donated for "The Maritime Folk Museum of Skiathos."  Interested parties may contact him at   Tel: +30 6945107626.
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Greek Island Art  by Toula Tsafos

Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Sculpture
(c) 2014-15.  Toula Tsafos
Greek Island of Skiathos
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